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07-25-14, 3:48 AM
January 3, 1979
America, where anime can be made
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August 16, 2008
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As a general note to myself and anyone else who dares to peek at my profile, I am no longer interested in the main forum of this community. It's too much trouble. I do a lot of fighting in there; and quite frankly, a handful of users flat out tick me off. The end result is a cycle of crap coming from me and recycled through some others, creates a seemingly endless contest of Internet poo flinging. That can drive any person insane. Therefore, it is necessary to purge general posting habits here.

If anyone still has gripes about my MAL posting activity of yesteryear, feel free to post on my profile comments page below. Chances are, I'll ignore you anyways. If you managed to get my attention, congratulations.

Now, more importantly, pet this fox. No, seriously. Click on the Fox. It's OVER 9000!!!

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Yakuman Collection
06-27-13, 3:13 PM Edited 09-21-13, 5:50 AM

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Coolspot | Yesterday, 9:30 PM
Hey I noticed over the last few years that you like 90s anime, I am looking for a anime about a group of people going on an adventure together, Like Lodoss, the heroic legend of arslan, or Nadesisco if you have watched any of those, just wanted you thoughts.

Actually all of our shared anime are kind of like what I am looking for, except guran lagan I am just watching that because someone made me watch it.

zeroArc | 07-19-14, 11:12 PM
I only play online on tenhou (previously Janryumon until it became p2p), don't know of any Mahjong groups IRL.

Sylent | 07-03-14, 5:56 AM

Falls du diese Nachricht in deinen Profilkommentaren nicht mehr erhalten möchtest, schreib mir doch einfach eine PM oder hinterlasse einen Kommentar in meinem Profil.

-Yuzuru- | 06-03-14, 8:14 AM
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Whalelala | 05-11-14, 11:55 AM
Haha I like your squiby!

belxfran-tsu | 05-03-14, 3:23 PM
Hello, this is 'belxfran-desu'. I had to make a new account someone hacked my old one so I came to add you here.

kuuderes_shadow | 04-12-14, 4:37 AM
Nope - I'm down south, near Reading. Manchester is 4 hours away by train each way.

Whalelala | 04-09-14, 7:09 AM
Ok cool.

Whalelala | 04-07-14, 7:22 PM
Hey I'd like to join your fantasy league next season. Would that be cool?

Also it seems like we don't have similar anime interest. haha

toridoshi | 03-29-14, 9:59 AM
Slice of Life Club Newsletter

itsthatguy | 03-25-14, 9:52 PM
Hey Kyuu just have a question about fantasy leagues on ESPN: Do people rejoin the league just by going to the league's home page? I've never been a league manager for a league two years in a row before and I'm not 100% how to get the MAL Fantasy Baseball league started up again. Thanks for your help!

Hagarn | 03-04-14, 7:02 AM
Mm, okay.. ?

Hagarn | 03-01-14, 3:16 PM
Thank you for asking. But right now, I'm not really have any worry, just thinking ;)

Hagarn | 02-27-14, 11:38 PM
So you mean when it's time come, the suffer will begin ?

Hagarn | 02-26-14, 12:44 PM
'You don’t have to suffer to be a poet; adolescence is enough suffering for anyone.'
Hi! Give me your thought about those line above, surprise me, or.. just ignore it

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