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Esdeath (エスデス)
Age: Early 20's
Height: 170 cm (5'7")
Blood type: O
Faction: The Empire, Jaegers (Leader)
Teigu: Demon's Extract
Hobby: hunting high-class danger beasts
Famous quote: Panicking leads to an early grave.

Esdeath is a high-ranking general of the Empire, and leader of the Jaegers. She enjoys torturing her enemies slowly, seen when she used her Teigu to put large blocks of ice in a cauldron so that the people inside would die slower and suffer more. Despite her sadistic actions, she is actually shown to have a compassionate heart when it comes to the lives of her men and others close to her.

Her name in japanese, Esdesu, is a pun meaning "I am S" to show how sadistic she is.

(Source: Akame ga Kill! Wikia)

Voice Actors
Auten, Christine
Akesaka, Satomi

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