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  • Manga Score: 6.80
  • Author: Shoko Conami
  • Publisher: Akita Publishing Co.,Ltd.
  • Volumes: 3
  • DB title: Shikabane★Cherry
  • Rating: 13 and up
  • Genres: RomanceComedyHorrorShoujo
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Zombie Cherry

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Mar 16, 2020
Nyctophil3 (All reviews)
It all started when I searched for fun, short and underrated manga to read. This one popped up on MAL's manga suggestion section and the cover caught my eye immediately. The colors and drawing style looked really appealing until I started to read. The first thing that I noticed was poor drawing style and no logic, but before that I must say that it's my first manga review and I tried my best to write it as well as I can. There may be some writing mistakes and a few spoilers.

The story was about a young girl Miu, who has a big problem - because read more
Nov 2, 2021
CyberpunkBoyToy (All reviews)
It's funny, it's cute, it has horror-comedy, it has an explicitly trans character: this manga rules.

Art: Very cute. It's a solidly good artstyle with many nice features. You can tell the artist really knows how to draw gore too, even if they don't employ it often.

Character: This cast is so endearing and I loved seeing them become friends. While not the most memorable, they carry the plot very well.

Story: While it drags in places, this is a fun, fast-paced romcom with a fairly solid slow build. Not every plot point finds a satisfying resolution, but everything important gets resolved and I liked it from beginning read more

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