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If I Could Reach You

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Dec 31, 2017
Elena_YU (All reviews)
This manga is amazing. When I read it, I get the impression that tMnR mind-melded with me when I read Citrus, saw all of the things I disliked about it and set out to write a sister (or rather step-sister, in both cases) story that made everything right again. Even if you're not a part of this mind-meld along with us, Tatoe Todokanu Ito da toshitemo depicts a much different, more serious and more realistic take on the "girl falls in love with her step-sister" premise that is captivating to read.

Our cast of characters this time around consists of Uta, an ordinary high read more
Apr 12, 2019
FeelsBad (All reviews)
I read 22 chapters all in one go, and I've got to say that this story flows very well and does a great job at conveying emotions to the reader. Although they have nothing to do with each other, I was reminded of "Kimi no Iru Machi". At times when reading sad parts, I would feel my heart drop and I could feel the sadness coming through the pages to me. Series' that can somehow transmit the feels to you are awesome. And, even though I have pretty much nothing in common with the protagonist, the storytelling is done in a way where I feel read more

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