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Asahi-sempai's Favorite

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Feb 5, 2021
jerrybratle (All reviews)
I wish I could say a good word for this but unfortunately there was nothing new, the story is just plain boring, there is no character development, no exciting drama or romance, no nothing. On top, as usual, the manga started with a sempai sexually abusing a minor and this somehow was portrayed as something completely normal, again and I'm kind of getting sick of this. Thank god they refrained from stretching it further and the male lead was acting normal until the end beacause I'd have dropped this way earlier. Maybe everyone's anticipating to see them sleeping together? If that's all what you're looking read more
Nov 18, 2022
softoroki (All reviews)
Not sure how to put it into words.

The story was overall bland. At times very questionable (the sexual approach of a minor????????). Although it had potential, could've been very interesting if it was portrayed differently.

Asahi was not an interesting character and waiting for development was a waste of time. The story had zero interesting/catchy moments even the teasing moments were not in place. The side characters were just put there as an additional panel filling and had nothing to do with the story (most times). The only funny guy was Matsuri's brother!

Overall, for me, it was waste of time, but I guess if read more

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