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Sep 3, 2009
hibertansiyar (All reviews)
Rust Blaster is a vampire story, but a little bit different from others. The story begins with a happy school scene, but everything goes very different from what you'd expected. That's the point of this manga. It's disappointing the manga is only about 6 chapters. But, the mangaka actually connected story very well. When you read the story, you'll laugh, you'll get angry, sometimes be excited, and be sad.
Be sure to read 6 chapters at once.

Apr 27, 2010
katofnight143 (All reviews)
ok so i read rustblaster because i saw it listed and like the cover(i simply love vampires).let me tell you that i dont regret it, i got hook from the begining the only dow side was how short it was. When i discover there were only six chapters i didnt though that i was gonna like it this much, a lot of the mangas that are this short dont really let you relate with the characters but this ones different, the plot was ok but i didnt really like the ending i think they could have done better, i keep founding holes in the plot, read more

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