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The Case Study of Vanitas

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Feb 18, 2016
Ewinaaa (All reviews)
I saw there were no reviews about this manga (no surprise, only two chapters are out right now and they are very hard to find for free), and I wanted to say what I thought about it so far..

Story : 8

Those first chapters were… Confusing. Like, really. There are a lot of informations, this is not a bad introduction but you can’t tell exactly where the story is going to go, even though you know the end at the beginning. There is a good background universe : steampunk, vampires, early 1900, Paris. I’m curious about the way Jun is going to put all these read more
May 24, 2021
Alice0006 (All reviews)
This is a story about a man named Noe who write notes/memoir/手記 about his journey with a man named Vanitas. How they lose and gain many things. How they regret something. And how their journey will end (Chapter 1 and chapter 11). So most of the time, the story revolve around the two of them.

1. Story:
It starts with character introduction, concept introduction, and hint what will happen. Personally I am not confused at all with Vanitas no Carte, this type of story telling is not strange but since Jun Mochizuki's world sometimes really different with real world, there are a lot of information we need read more

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