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Dec 3, 2014
170life (All reviews)
Are you the type of person that is always paranoid about what others say about you? Fearful that everyone around you is gossiping about you? Well, you should totally read this manga! It never fails to make me laugh. That i can confirm.

Disclaimer: as of now i have only read 4 chapters of this manga so i dont really know if im eligible to write this review

STORY: 8/10
The story is simple. This is about Seishuu's high school life where he is oblivious about how popular he actually is. Instead, he takes the mumbling he hears and stares that he gets, as people badmouthing him. read more
Aug 5, 2019
PixelB (All reviews)
While I don't like giving high reviews often, this series really resonates with me. The comedy is great, and I find the premise of the plot to be extremely funny. Don't look too deeply into the plot, because this is of course a comedy.
All the characters play a role in the comedy. Their interactions and relations with each other are the reason why the story is so vibrant.
That's all, really. its a nice, funny, and amazing short read. You only need to just read the first chapter to see if it is worth your time.


need more words to post a review apparently read more

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