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  • Manga Score: 7.43
  • Author: By (artist) Shiro Amano
  • Publisher: Yen Press
  • Volumes: 1
  • DB title: Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
  • Rating: 10 and up
  • Genres: AdventureFantasyShounen
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Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories

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Dec 18, 2007
nekonohime (All reviews)
The story actually followed pretty close to the game, with some extra stuff added which was cool. I liked the story in this one a lot. I never beat the game, and I got to see the ending of the game through this manga. There were a lot of funny parts too.

Very nice. The characters are drawn really well and they all look like themselves. The Disney characters were drawn spot on!

They were all in character, though some of them you didn't see much in the game, the mangaka added more to their personality, which was great.

I really enjoyed this manga. I read more
Jun 22, 2009
Guyver1 (All reviews)
My review of this manga is based on disapointment. I love kingdom hearts, and i was excited when I saw the chain of memories manga, keep in mind i didnt read the first kingdom hearts manga. The manga remained truthful to the story, which I liked, however kingdom hearts is not a story that can be done in two volumes, at times I felt that the story rushed just to get to the next part, skipping over details. The art was the best thing about this manga. It was hard for me to enjoy the story because it was like Kingdom hearts was turned into read more

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