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A Terrified Teacher at Ghoul School!

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Apr 12, 2018
Takunoshibooks (All reviews)
This series has absolutely hit it off with me and I may be kinda picky with what I like but I still have a range that goes over all genres. I do really like comedy and this type of manga/anime where like in A terrified teacher at ghoul school, there can and probably will be serious moments but isn’t like 90% of the time. Gintama would be a good example of that maybe. I also really can’t pick a favorite character! Each are just so good and well done. (I’m also kinda picky with characters to!) to me this is all saying a lot about read more
Feb 7, 2021
panasonicstings (All reviews)
this manga is absolute masterpiece! the comedy is 100, art 100, character 100, story 1000. IS A SHAME THAT THIS MANGA HASNT BEEN ANIMATED YET FORREAL ;((
read this, give this manga attention SO ANIME STUDIO WILL ANIMATE THIS MANGA uuuhhhuhuhu ;((

My favorite character is obviously seimei (haruaki) cuz even tho he a loser and always treated like a trash, he dont want ppl around him (well ghouls around him) to feel uncomfortable around him.
second fav is sano and mame cuz he a TSUNDERE I LOVE AND HE A FLUFF BALL I LOVE!
third fav is nyuudo cuz he a sweetheart to ppl (especially tama <3) read more

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