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The Shape-Shifting Witch's Kiss

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Dec 18, 2021
SomeS0up (All reviews)
This is some quality stuff lads. The good shit. There hasn't been a lot of chapters released yet, but I got the feeling that it's going to be a good series.

The art is good, the girls are cute. I've got no complaints. Even the mc got a kinda cool design, his character is somewhat original as well. The panels are well structured.

I like the story and the concept. It's flowing at a nice pace and it's well written. The magic concept is explained well, and the comedy is good.

Overall, this is, as previously stated, some good shit and I'm looking forward to more chapters
Mar 8, 2023
ClemichouDuck (All reviews)
It's my first review ever and my english isn't perfect, i'm sorry if i make mistakes.

I tried it at first cause it made me think of Yamada kun & The 7 Witches and it has the same kinda vibe.
At first i gave it a 7 overall because the art is kinda nice, the story is fun and the characters are enjoyable.
And i read all 41 chapter and now i'm sad that i start it.
The story isn't finish, i don't know if the manga got cancel or if a sequel will come but i don't think so, the "end" is rush like hell and just read more

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