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Apr 28, 2023
particle_eater (All reviews)
This is Game of Thrones as written by a hyperactive fourteen-year-old on crack cocaine. The cast grows to 50+ characters over the course of the first three volumes (despite several being killed off for good), and half of them are cunning politicians all backstabbing each other in more and more convoluted schemes while the other half consist of figures like "Alus the autistic three-armed wyvern gunslinger who fights dragons with his lightsaber" and other such over-the-top nonsense. Reading it requires a degree of patience and comprehension (being able to follow back-and-forth dialogue helps), and a certain taste for both the intrigue and the crazy action. read more
Feb 27, 2023
komi_san_is_god (All reviews)
Listen, the story for this is fine enough. From the little I did I read I can admit, it was relatively interesting. However this book is written in such an annoying way it I feel genuine pain trying to understand the words. What is the problem you ask? The book does not EVER say who is saying what line at any point. Just straight up dialogue in quotations without a hint of who is actually speaking. Now I know you don’t need to say who is saying what for every single piece of dialogue when people are just going back and forth, but literally NONE read more

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