Basara, Akatsuki no Yona Recommendations

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Akatsuki no Yona
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Akatsuki no Yona
If you like Yona, you will absolutely love Basara. Basara is a bit more melodramatic than Akatsuki no Yona but it has that high fantasy traveling adventure theme with the main characters controlling the destiny of their respective kingdoms. Both have very strong female leads.
report Recommended by layhas
Both are excellent and are similar in terms of plot and character development. In my opinion Basara has a much more nuanced and complicated plot than ANY while ANY has more comic relief and better art. If you like one you will probably like the other although you will probably need to be in/will get into a very different mood to read each one.
report Recommended by MeNaK
Both female characters want to avenge their family's deaths from the king. Both start as seemingly weak characters but grow to be confident and strong with great leadership skills.
report Recommended by anayardz
Epic, fantastical storylines with a lot of action. The female protagonists want revenge on a powerful male king for killing her family. Both heroines learn to be great leaders.
report Recommended by Kaiko
Want a heroine that can kick butt? Then look no further! Both ANY and Basara feature a heroine who had her life turned upside down with the death of their loved ones and instead of giving up all hope both girls take up a sword and fight to regain their kingdom. These girls grow up from being weak to becoming a strong leader that people just want to follow. Along their journeys of taking back their kingdoms both girls also seek out allies to help them fight and continue to grow stronger. Basara has an older art style but it really matches Akatsuki no Yona storyline   read more
report Recommended by suzakumiko
If you like how a naive, lonely woman tries to stand up on her own feet while trying to act brave and strong and keeps getting more courageous--you will like Basara. Both have female leads that were once flimsy but fate made them strong and their choices made them even better. Both leads take up adventure and make friends and allies along the way.
report Recommended by Amiabooklover
female lead that grew to become stronger leader, and some part of the story resembles the other. but basara is more serious and have more character development and story line.
report Recommended by Pastel_palette