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Brief insights on humanity. Character life and progression. Guaranteed feels or your money back.
report Recommended by iceking1
These two manga's are drawn with realism and have a very depressing realistic take to them. Usually I enjoy literature that takes my mind of the bad but with these manga in paticular there is something about them no matter how depressing and shitty they make you feel you cant but them down. They are so intriguing and gripping. Very unquie and refreshingly differnt from other literature/manga Ive read. I recomend these two if you can handle context that can be dark and in need for something different.
report Recommended by SpazzyMcgee
they're both fucked up. how could you do that? how could you end something like that? i read both of these at the same time and buddy let me tell you if i wasn't crying over one i was surely crying over the other. both the main characters start out mildly pleased with themselves if not a little lost but then everything honestly everything just comes crashing down in one massive shit storm. mishap after after mishap. pure insanity. they think they're right but god they are terribly wrong. i loved both of these. the art is great. the characters are even better. honestly worth   read more
report Recommended by Chandi
These two manga have the depressive and heavy atmosphere in common. Thanks to a ability of the protagonist of homunculus, he's able to see the burden of human.. well it's not like a burden, it's a psychological fear, trauma or something else, which is shown as the outer looking of a person, it's really abstract, so is Onodera Punpun as well. By the time, the look of him changes, it depends on his state of mind. So the main point of this rec. is the presentation of the true "face" of a personality.
report Recommended by shinomonogatari
If you're a fan of Punpun, you can't really go wrong with Homunculus. If Asano's art and composition in Punpun spoke to you, Yamamoto has a similar sort of approach. In terms of art, they're both realistic-looking apart from pivotal distortions of reality and both mangaka use heavy shadows, complex details, etc., to bring out the darkness of certain moments. Speaking of, both manga are extremely dark and psychosexual. In terms of composition, both mangaka like to put emphasis on specific moments and arrange panels in creative ways to really hit their story beats home. Lastly, both manga play with visual representations of mental states.   read more
report Recommended by bluesy_moon
both stories focus on the ethereal and often intangible aspect of human life. In Oyasumi Punpun, the main character PunPun and his family are the only people depicted as cartoons yet nobody perceives or treats them any differently than the rest of the people depicted in Asano's extremely detailed coming-of-age story. Comparatively, Homunculus is the story of a man who becomes obsessed with the concept of effecting his consciousness in order to achieve a higher perception of consciousness. Through a series of depressing circumstances, the protagonist finds information on the traditional art of skull trepanation and travels down a very bad path to find the   read more
report Recommended by neetonatto
Both are psychological Seinen who show through drawings with metaphors the mental state of the characters and their beautiful evolution throughout the manga.
report Recommended by trepanning