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Sora wa Akai Kawa no Hotori
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Sora wa Akai Kawa no Hotori
Kanata kara
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Kanata kara
Another "girl thrown into another world" manga but of equal epic quality and fun. Same adventure and romance. Also magic mixed in too boot.
report Recommended by SummerOtaku
Both main characters fall into a different world. The girls later fall in love with the man who rescues them from the "strange-ness" of a new world. However, they are both invovled and being used in dangerous plots to murder the men invovled. Each of these has a small fantasy/magic aspect involved in it as well.
report Recommended by horsiegirl210
Both girls time traveling. From far away is sweeter. Both are great reads! You'll enjoy From far away if you like Anatolia Story (:
report Recommended by piyopiyo
a girl goes into a different time/world. a guy who is met when they arrive there protect them from harm and falls in love with the girl. both have a guy who can control the wind./is very strong the evil person tries to get the girl for their own selfish reasons they also chose whether they stay in the world they came to or go back to the place they were born both girls have strong wills and are not weak.
report Recommended by TeARsFade
Both about a girl who has been sent back in time to a foreign land and there is only one way home.
report Recommended by xKaorux
same as is girl from another world. Romantic story. drama. egypt style.!
report Recommended by megmolly1988
Similar story about a girl from modern Japan travelling through time and a handsome strong man help her. Some adventure & romance
report Recommended by Amal_Ashraf
Both mangass features a girl traveling to a different time/world. The main girls use their 21thCentury logic, try to be useful and help people. Kanata Kara is sweeter, while Red River Yuri is stronger, and has various rape scenes. Still romantic. Likeable secondary characters, not too much fantasy elements.
report Recommended by SulHong
both are shoujo stories focusing on a strong female lead as well as quite a bit of action in it as well too and character development.
report Recommended by Disapeared_Ghost
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