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The ends of the heroine are the same and that is to defeat a certain someone in showbizness that is (was) mutually related to them. Other than that, they both contain the love triangle scenario though that facade is yet to be seen in Honey Hunt. Honey Hunt is a tale about a girl who wishes to have revenge on her superstar mother. Also, she wishes to make a name of her own since a lot of people only saw her as the daughter of one of the world's greatest musician and a talented actress.
report Recommended by janelleski
same where the gurl trys 2 get revenge through acting and becoming a bigger star
report Recommended by aaimz14
If you like the concept of Skip Beat! then I think you'll defenitly like Honey Hunt. It's basically about a girl entering showbiz for revenge, pursuing acting and a long the way she has to deal with love betrayal and hardship. Not on the same lvl as Skip beat but defenitly worth reading.
report Recommended by Sways
Both feature a teenage girl enters the entertainment industry in Japan with revenge on her mind, a love triangle of sorts, and a similar atmosphere that knows how balance drama with comedy.
report Recommended by adamantine
Both mangas have the exact same premise. The protagonists both enter the entertainment world in order get revenge by outshining an enemy. Also as usual in shoujo mangas both protagonists have two love interests which are introduced. Both get by on alot of luck because they both have no experience but the way they navigate showbiz is different due to their different characters and circumstances.
report Recommended by dayana11412
Both manga are very similar. In both the girls want to take revenge . In skip beat Kyoko want too take revenge on his childhood friend who became a famous singer and he treated her as her maid and made fun of her for being plain and boring. In honey hunt Yura is the daughter of a famous actress her mom is getting divorce and Yura found her mom sleeping with the guy she likes, her mom said that she was plain and boring. Both Kyoko and Yura want to take revenge by becoming famous. There is romance in both of them.
report Recommended by paloma
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