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Both of these Weekly Jump titles revolve around male protagonists who are the successors of highly decorated organisations (the Nura clan in Nurarihyon no Mago and the Vongola family in Reborn!). The narrative of both titles generally feature the male protagonist developing alliances with other characters, as well as fighting those that get in their way.
report Recommended by radiantfire
If you like Hitman Reborn i'm 100% certain you like Nurarihyon no Mago too.These 2 manga are very similar except in stead of a human mafia in Nurarihyon no Mago its a demon mafia and just like reborn the successor doesn't want to be the next head of the family (enough said)
report Recommended by JEOSAMA
The similarities... 1. They refuse to take the role of the successor. 2. Both main characters wish to help and only do good. 3. The main character has two love interests. 4. A mischievous and somewhat merciless teachers. Aka, Reborn and the Grandfather. 5. Both main characters have a hidden strength inside. Like when Rikou turns into a powerful yokai as Tsuna becomes in his Hyper Will mode! 6. Lots of action. 7. Some of the characters roles and the supporting ones are quite similar in situations, actions and personalities.
report Recommended by dedfbbugw
As a shounen series, both Nura and Reborn convey its many style and themes. The main male protagonist lives a double-life and possesses special abilities. They also belong to a group of characters with their own unique supernatural powers. Structured in the form of story arcs, both series focuses on many expanding features revolving around its cast of characters. The main male character also has a similar personality for both series. When it comes to responsibility, they set by example.
report Recommended by Stark700
Both series feature young, bumbling protagonists with hidden versions of themselves that are more powerful and mature. These boys grow with the help of "families" (presented as institutions of power in both series)—the mafia in KHR, yokai clans in NnM.
report Recommended by mechato
both about two young successors of the famous clan who refuse take their role
report Recommended by User_0001