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Kaichou wa Maid-sama!
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the similarities are the main heroine is not too feminine, and the guy is protecting her in case of danger.
report Recommended by rizzy07
Both Daisy and Usui want to protect the person they "love". Misaki and Teru are both people who doesn't like to freeload. Their personalities seem very alike. Usui and Daisy like to tease them. The relationship of Usui and Misaki / Daisy and Teru seem very alike but there are differences....
report Recommended by XxNamakixX
In a lot of ways, Teru is like Misaki - both poor, top grades, personality wise, doesn't like to depend on people (at least in the beginning). They both provide a good amount of comedy, and it keeps the readers reading.
report Recommended by nyctophobic
The main female characters are both not feminine and the main male characters are always saving the main female from danger. The two male characters also look similar. Both mangas have comedy in them and romance.
report Recommended by Misa-chanx
Both have rather tsundere girls that are protected by a guy. They each have their nice moments mixes in with a good bit of drama and action. If you like one, you're pretty much guaranteed to like the other.
report Recommended by Keasezu
Mysterious heros, someone out to get the heroine. Romance and comedy, with a side of action.
report Recommended by BlueEyedWannaBe
The main characters are both girls who are ranked top in their school. The heroines both help anybody in trouble. Both male characters are both highly skilled individuals who protect the main character from harm. The male leads also both have mysterious pasts which comes back to haunt them. The interactions between the main heroine and the hero are awkward at best.
report Recommended by Ghoul-Sage
They both have the same genres = romance, etc. It's about overcoming one's problem and how both leading characters will deal on it.
report Recommended by dropdeadalleycat
Both manga's follow a girl who is being protected by a guy. The relationships in both manga's are similar since neither the boy nor the girl reveal their hidden love for one another. In both manga's the girls are under constant danger, only to be saved by the men that they love and love them back. Great story line, very cute and romantic. Check out Dengeki Daisy if you loved Kaichou wa Maid-sama!
report Recommended by jaypabua
-Main girls both have black hair -Main boys both are blond The main girl originally starts off hating the main boy but they end up falling in love. The main boy is also involved in something really important so the main girl also has to help them in that important situation.
report Recommended by slytheriness1217
Both manga's have great humor and good romance. Female protagonist's are both hard working students who dont back down from challenge, while both male protagonist's are overly perferct and protective.
report Recommended by SirHonas