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Golden Kamuy
Both series have similar tones, they are very comedic but can get gritty, dark and occasionally gory. Characters of both series are extremely likable, and you want to see their relationships evolve.
report Recommended by wild842
I found the same things that I love in Dorohedoro in Golden Kamui. Mainly I love that even though both manga in the beginning make it seem like there's a good guy and a bad guy, but it isn't so simple we get to learn both groups and even a third shows up (The Yakuza, The magicians and Kaiman's group in Dorohedoro and Tsurumi's 7th division, Hijikata's group and Sugimoto's group in Golden Kamui). We get to learn all parties and they all have their own arcs and we see the story from many points of view. I don't find this often in   read more
report Recommended by pitagor2
Both series have - gore (Dorohedoro has a lot more than GK) - great world-building - quirky, funny, and loveable characters. If you like one, you'll definitely like the other.
report Recommended by thatbleachfan
Both manga feature a compelling and likeable cast of characters, grey morality, and irreverent graphic humour. Both also have end game plot twists.
report Recommended by valgranaire
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