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These two shounen serialisations share similar male protagonists. Both protagonists has suffered isolation because of their identity, and both has also overcome their isolation by fighting for what they believe in. Moreover, the two titles are mainly action-oriented so they both feature a lot of combat and the use of unique abilities and fighting styles.
report Recommended by radiantfire
Naruto and Rin both play host to powerful demons and face much adversity from those around them due to the actions of these demons. Both of them work to fight against their fate and create a new future despite their demonic natures.
report Recommended by ViralChaos
Both are action shounen series, and center around similar characters. Both Naruto and Rin are hated for something that isn't their fault - being the host of the Kyuubi in Naruto's case and the son of Satan in Rin's - and fight to be accepted, both are rather, uhm, dumb, but also charismatic, and both end up getting people to like them eventually.
report Recommended by LieutenantWinter
Although very different plots, they both begin with a group of students of a "special" school, ninja school for Naruto and exorcist school for Ao no Exorcist. But the main similitude is between the main characters, Naruto and Rin. Both have supernatural powers that they have to control. They begin being hated by everyone but they find friends later. They act the same way, always trying to help others no matter the consequences and not hating anyone. The both have the same stupid smile.
report Recommended by BlindNoldor
The story "Ao No Exorcist" is quite similar to Naruto. Both main characters have demon-like attributes. One is the son of Satan, and one is possessed by a 9 Tailed Demon Fox. Both of the main characters, Rin Okumura and Naruto Uzumaki are both very similar in personality as well. They are both the "Attack first and ask questions later" type of people. Both are Shonen manga, and both a great read, if you're willing to delve into the realms of both Naruto and or Ao No Exorcist.
report Recommended by FlamingGuitar14
hot headed boys as male protagonist
report Recommended by miniqper
Both have a setting where the world is highly structured and is ruled by a ranking system. In Naruto the ranking system is of the Ninja (Genin, Chunin, etc.) where in Blue Exorcist it is the Exorcist rankings (Exwire, Exorcist, etc). And both Naruto and the main character of BE (Rin) have the same goal, and that is to be the best [insert super powerful being here]. If you're a fan of Naruto, then check out this title. It is definitely worth it!
report Recommended by callacas
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