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Both series have protagonists as brothers, with near-dichotomous personalities, including talent levels. Both involve a single father raising both of them. If you like the fantasy & drama vibe of Ao no Exorcist, you might take a liking to Black Clover.
report Recommended by Vizard
Valid for both stories: Brothers/friends rivalry One is much better than the other The other has a kind of demon power and in the end it is much more powerful than the "better brother" Demon guy - happier, never give up, loud Both brothers have the same dream: to become the paladino/emperor of magicians
report Recommended by xiliqs
2 bro's whom have opposite characteristics where one has brains while the others has brawn. Also while one is refine in attitude the other one is wild and talks too much.........
report Recommended by Whoahoho
- two brothers (or at least childhood friends) got raised by a priest - worlds filled with magic - one brother is calm and one of the best mages out there - other brother is energetic and wants to be the best - the other brother got also the power of the devil - both are typical shounen anime
report Recommended by NiklasNya
Ao No Exorcist shares many similarities with Black Clover, with Rin and Asta practically cut from the same cloth. Both protagonists are energetic, shunned by society, and possess hidden power that makes them dangerous to the established order in their respective universes. The action scenes are the primary focus of both anime, with the core relationship centering around two brothers.
report Recommended by gangstabrainsick
ah well you see BOTH protagonists is obsessed with the idea of becoming the best of the all (Top rank) and you see at the end of the first ep they obtain powers they didnt have so um yeah but in a no exorcist the protagonist isnt screaming 78% of the time (23% of the time was scene pictures with OST)
report Recommended by alaciko_
Black clover feels a lot like Ao no Exorcist: -similarly made overall -both involve incredibly strong brothers with same personalities and strive raised by a priest. -magick -shounen
report Recommended by NKVD