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Ao no Exorcist
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These shows have in common: - Similar characters/ character types and personalities - Super power theme - The main character is hiding a secret and making everyone wonder - In both, characters are students in a "special" school and have to work as a team. Differences in these series: - Boku no Hero academia revolves around weak main guy, who aims to become stronger and be the hero who can bring smiles and protect. In Ao no Exorcist the main character is already strong, trying to get accepted by others and befriend with them and his ultimate goal is to defeat Satan. - Boku no Hero academia is more straightforward while Ao   read more
report Recommended by Makum
Generally same premise: Kids in School, learn how to properly use their powers to make a change in the world. Usually insanely strong teachers / Main characters
report Recommended by Chickensenpai
Both of the shows revolve an underdog main character who rely on their determination to achieve their goals, despite others looking down on them. The stories both take place in schools, and have a large supernatural/superpower element that are very important to the story. Some of the villains in each story have the same sort of feeling, and both stories balance exciting action scenes with an appropriate amount of character development and calmer scenes. Both main characters have an important man that they look up to, and their motivation to be like and do right by the character they look up to helps drive the story.   read more
report Recommended by celestialnerd
This is also a shonen anime involving supernatural things but in Boku no hero academia around 80% of the world has their own special powers called quirks. I feel that they are somewhat similar but Boku no hero academia isn't as serious as Ao no exorcist. The main characters have similar goals, to be number one.
report Recommended by aiko55
Shounen series in which heavy focus is being put in the dynamics between a power of some sort and the main male protagonist. They also feature in a school setting a lot with equally quirky classmates and abilities
report Recommended by ManWild
They are both about people who enrol into a school to learn and control their powers, both have a large supporting cast and are long running Shonen action anime.
report Recommended by Sonnyman45
Both are an anime with the Same element : - Both have superpower - Superpower Kid school - both have good MC (Although,i prefer bnha over AnE)
report Recommended by ManOfCulture789
- High school - That's literally it, just high school - If you just want to watch something that’s not set in a “normal” world, then these work since powers and occult fall into that category - Mha is much more hype, but at a basic level, both shows are “main character is different from other characters and struggles but will make is through bc development and friendship”
report Recommended by shmol_kat
Blue exorcist and My hero academia both have people who are close to the main character (in some way) and they were thought as being better than the main character. I think that both the brother in Blue Exorcist and the Rival in My Hero Academia compelled the main character to get better. I think that if you like animes' where the main character gets better and finds a new way to get stronger, both of them are good options.
report Recommended by MasterInkling
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