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Similar comedy style, both are very funny and the comedy is in the higher levels .. also Shirohara-sensei, the creator of SKET Dance its a former assistant of Sorachi-sensei .. still like the prequel, Gintama' 2015 have some action inside, but SKET Dance have some slice of life and drama inside .. both are worth to watch!! Very very funny that makes you laughing so hard ..!!
report Recommended by TKZmine
Both anime have some of the best humor anime can give both have main characters that do odd jobs that either make you cry of laughter or want to cry of heart pain both have 2 males and 1 female main characters
report Recommended by Arquarion
the both of them have Similar comedy style , The main characters are similar the both from the same magazine both are very funny and the comedy is in the higher levels and the creator of the SKET Dance Shinohara, Kenta is a former assistant of Sorachi, Hideaki the creator of gintama
report Recommended by Gintoki_Mh
Both Gintama° and Sket Dance are comedic anime that follow the lives of a group of individuals who take on odd jobs for various clients. Both anime have a mix of humor and heartwarming moments, and feature a colorful cast of
report Recommended by FAKECROSS97
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