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Charlotte starts off like most Key series. A lighthearted beginning with a forced tragic ending. It even has an innocent naive girl (Yusa) common in all Key series. You will see similar themes in Madoka Magica: innocent girls with seemingly funny stories in the beginning but becomes tragic in the end. However the folks at Key seemed to copy the plot of Madoka into this show. I won't reveal any spoilers but involves having the main character saving those who face potential anguish. Essentially taking in the burdens of others for themselves becoming a Christ-like figure.
report Recommended by Makise
Both of these shows explore the realm of saving people (that's all I can without spoiling). The love between each of the characters is definitely and visibly what drives them. Both of these show also explore the duality of hope and despair, although Madoka Magica does it on a much more contrasting manner. The music of both anime is quite amazing, and although the art style is different, both are refreshing in their own ways (with Madoka being more abstract and Charlotte being more "normal"). If you enjoyed one, chances are you'll enjoy the other!
report Recommended by suitangi
Both series are not what they seem at first, which is kinda expected in both. Cute characters and magic but have a darker twist. Emotional and tragic. Spoilerish?: Saving people with time magic!
report Recommended by IceDragoness
You can easily see how Madoka served as an inspiration to Charlotte. Time travels to save friends, multiple realities and people with superhuman powers becoming god-like.
report Recommended by Z_Tetriminos
Change the fate and saving a important person with the power of time .. thats presented from both series, the power of time .. Both have moe design with some dark theme and despair .. with these unique plot, they become interesting show and very nice ..
report Recommended by ExTz_Thomazz
Protagonist with hidden enormous ability saved the world. And also that spoiler character in black suit to Yuu is like Homura to Madoka.
report Recommended by You
Built on the theme of the opportunities granted by superpowers and the sacrifices that come with them. Unfortunately hamstrung by one-cour length, resulting in insufficiently developed characters and plot.
report Recommended by goodbyegalaxy
Both Madoka Magica and Charlotte have supernatural elements involved, as well as a seemingly light, fluffy start that takes and a darker, tragic turn. Both protagonists have strong sense of hope and become "heroes".
report Recommended by magilou