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Higurashi no Naku Koro ni
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Both are thriller anime with a great deal of suspense and mystery. They both start out with a light almost happy go lucky feeling then everything turns dreadfully..dreadfully wrong. They both have great plot's, and while at first they may actually confuse the other. Higurashi just has a considerably greater amount of gore than steins;gate, but both are excellent watches. IF you like one you will probably like the other too.
report Recommended by kokopuffs591
Both animes talk about parallel worlds. In either cases, it is about getting out of a vicious cycle of death and murder around a specific plot dimension: While Higurashi suggests to breaking a folk town's curse, Steins;Gate revolves around the creation of a technological device while fighting against an organization's conspiracy. Violence will be involved in both plots, however Higurashi has a tendency to have very gory moments. Steins;Gate will, on the other hand, keep some of its humour around.
report Recommended by cheerioz
Both start with a lot of humor and cute girls making cute sounds (Mayushii's "tuturu" vs Rika's "nipah") until bad things start to happen, very bad things. Both anime are essentially about going back in time, trying to prevent this from happening; thus you will see this bad thing happening over and over again in a different way. Warning: Higurashi is much more disturbing and gory.
report Recommended by Khalan
Looking for an anime to blow your mind away? With these two you really can't go wrong. Whether you're looking for an interesting story about time travel that turns darker towards the end (Stein's Gate), or you want to indulge yourself in horror and sadistic torture (Higurashi) that makes you want to keep your eyes open at night, you don't have to look any further. These anime are strong from start to finish and once you find out what's really going on, you'll be intrigued by how well both are put together.
report Recommended by Mangetsu-san
Both are based off of visual novels and repetition is central to the advancement and understanding of the plot of the show.
report Recommended by DrHorrible123
Both have intense realization through the idea of world lines/time travel. Although Steins Gate is more viewer friendly, Higurashi offers just as good, if not better thrilling experiences.
report Recommended by snapturtle
They use the same "concept" in their twists. Both thrillers will draw you in as you progress through the plot.
report Recommended by FacesReality
Without spoiling it, the main characters overcome difficult obstacles to defeat fate. While Higurashi has darker themes, Steins;Gate is more sci-fi. Both anime, however, include complicated concepts (I can't say what those are without spoiling both.) While watching you may not think that they're very similar, but when you think about it, they both have similar plots. If you liked one, you'll probably like the other. Though, Higurashi has a lot more gore.
report Recommended by Shanayaaa
Concepts about "time traveling" are being noticed in both shows and the characters try to handle it. These thrillers also start out like comedies, and later takes turns for the worse. WARNING: Higurashi has violence and gore and isn't acceptable to watch at midnight or a very public place. Unless you're not afraid of it.
report Recommended by parallelle_slip
They share similar concepts of 'world' and 'time'. Their worlds can be explained using causes&effects law rather than something so superpowered (though there's some supernatural thing in Higurashi). They're both very much confusing at the beginning, but when things are revealed you'll be mind-blown. They're both thriller-type in my opinion, although S;G has no horror at all, while Higurashi has full of them.
report Recommended by WariReku
Just finished Steins;Gate but haven't had enough time looping and tragic suffering? Give Higurashi a shot! It's more of a mystery than Okabe's D-Mail adventure, but every bit as cerebral, leaving you pining for the next episode consistently.
report Recommended by Treima
Both are about time travel and multiple timelines. Also both are about some great mystery
report Recommended by brenda42
Both are thrillers that will have you guess at every turn. What's happening here? Who am I supposed to trust? Is this character mentally insane? You have to have patience to watch both series, and they're both suspenseful. But all will be revealed in the end, dear viewer, so continue to watch! And they're both amazing series in my book :)
report Recommended by donut_jelly
The two series are about fighting against fate.
report Recommended by _Neferupitou_
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