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A blood world filled with paradise where both the main characters find themselves in an irresistible position of being able to own the highest standard of a woman. 'Highschool of the Dead' highlights the struggle for survival when the apocalypse has arrived. In the midst of such danger, desires arise in the most unpredictable of situations and the thought of 'you only live once' comes into play which in turn leads a person to show his true colours. 'High School DxD' exhibits an ambitious person who will stop at nothing to achieve his goals, be it in a comedic or perverted way. Putting battles side, adding   read more
report Recommended by ShanaFlame
If you liked Highschool DxD, then you will like Highschool of the Dead too. Action, Ecchi, Supernatural are some genres in both anime. Cute girls with powers or guns —perfect ! The main characters are similar (a shy girl, the most powerful girl, a smart girl, and a guy...) A harem for the eyes ! ;)
report Recommended by Buria
In both shows,the story is good, there are good fights, pretty girls and ecchi.
report Recommended by mwawie
Both have the "supernatural" aspect, some of the girls are into the protagonist, and of course both have a little bit of ecchi.
report Recommended by Downgrade355
Both has same amount of fan service , actions, interesting story lines
report Recommended by AcceleratorJ
Lots of ecchi, some fights, good quality and too much awesomeness all over the anime
report Recommended by Maylive
hot girls, lots of fanservice, fighting and good story
report Recommended by GOLDsurff
Oppai, oppai, and then more oppai. These series have redefined the term "fan-service", using some of the most entertaining ways to show off boobs. Must-watch for aspiring gentleman (ecchi-lover).
report Recommended by bunny1ov3r
the horrors of the supernatural and a also some good laughs...
report Recommended by Spartan_Bolt
Both shows have a great deal of half naked girls with a weapons, action and humor. What's not to like. So if you enjoyed Highschool DxD, there is no doubt that you'll like HOTD.
report Recommended by Dandey
Both are about how a guy is suddenly thrown into a life threatening situation where they have no control over.Both are ecchi/action and a little bit of harem type animes.Highschool DxD has more of a demon/action theme to it where as Highschool of the Dead is more of a horror/action.
report Recommended by Ozzey
It has the same genres, the same harem girl types, and the same need for more, though in DxD's case, it has received a 2nd Season and the 3rd will probably be released Late 2014 or Early 2015
report Recommended by Honjitsu
Both have a same genre Harem,Ecchi and action Both have strong bad ass characters Both have a friend that needs to be protected
report Recommended by Flare_Tide
- Both have a 'highschool' and paranormal settings. - MC in both series is easily like-able. - Both follow a fan service/ecchi theme. I watched High school DxD before HOTD and was hesitant to watch Highschool of the Dead because I ignorantly decided that it was probably going to be dull and no real plot however, I pulled myself to watch it and it was honestly surprising how there were elements which evoked emotion and not just in an erotic way... Definitely a must watch.
report Recommended by Olaternatum
*Both are ecchi/action/harem type of shows... * Male leads if needed becomes awesome badasses xD * Female leads...hmmm they're similar in personalities...a bit.. * Both have great supporting cast... * OP/ED/OST's & voice acting - in both was great... * Both can create super awesome/unbelievable/memorable for years moments... * Both are truly great if you're bored of other mediocre harems like Testament of the New Devil/ To Love-Ru/ Sora no Otashimono...
report Recommended by Konte
It both has the action in it and the harem. I guess thats important to some and the art are both about the same. I guess this 2 will be the absolute pair if its asking for similar recommendation.
report Recommended by lzhaur1513
High school students, Harem, Boobs, both illogical, both ecchi, both "meh" (at best) I also meant to say boobs, boobies, breasts, boobs, and more boobs. Oh and high school students. High School of the Dead is more of a survival of the fittest type of anime, with the MC being the guy who rises up from being beta to alpha--with hot babes wantin that hawt meat stick of love. DxD is more leniant, what I mean is that, the MC is just there to soak up all of the women + boy's attention. Sound different? Well not really, the story will center around the MC,   read more
report Recommended by SunZun
both are ecchi and have a good amount of "plot" as well as pretty good actual plot that will keep you hooked
report Recommended by aidan_gaming
Apart from the hard ecchi. Both of these anime are very crowded and funny. The main role seems to have become a harem king. Besides that, the Action is also very fun
report Recommended by Monodami
Both anime's are ecchi and it's just nice en funny to see random shit happening, not only ecchi makes those anime's interesting but also the romance and the fights. They are never boring!
report Recommended by Houchuu