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Kaichou wa Maid-sama!
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Kaichou wa Maid-sama!
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Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji
Both have a handsome lead male finding out the deep secret of the female lead and using it to their advantage. The two main male leads look identical, though Usui is a tease while Sata is a sadist.
report Recommended by komic
Similarities -Typical School life, Romance, Comedy, Same VIBES -Both guys in anime knows the secrets of the main girl and can black mail her anytime -Both guys are sadists in some degree (as in teasing) -Both guys in the anime are both the hottest guy in the whole entire school, all the girls like him
report Recommended by iNinjeek
You get a very similar feeling to Kaichou wa Maid-sama when watching Ookami Shoujo. The main male character is a similar to Kaichou's in the sense that they're both "good looking" guys that everyone else in the school adores. They both don't really care about others, but does care a lot for the female protagonist and protects her. They also both tease the female protagonist as well (a lot meaner teasing in Ookami), but it's obvious something is going to grow between them. Only difference I see is that Kaichou has a strong female protagonist that can only be beat by the male, whereas Ookami's female   read more
report Recommended by floppydjsk
Both male character use a secret they found about the main female to their advantage or blackmailing. These two deal with comedy, romance, and in both shows one of the character refuses to accept the other, in Kaichou wa Maid-sama is the girl, in Ookami Shoujo is the guy. School setting, same vibe.
report Recommended by mirana
Similar warm vibe. Handsome guy lead and average female lead. Both are heartwarming romcoms that I highly recommend.
report Recommended by KJ-K
Both shows creates the same feeling. -Misaki and Erika both have secrets they want to hide. -Both male Protagonists tries to be helpful and caring at times [Usui is more of a character that enjoys watching Misaki be herself whereas Sata is more of a sadist who enjoys watching Erika suffer] -Both Male characters looked up upon and have power over the other students -Both stories are set in a modern society where the characters attend highschool
report Recommended by tofuanime
>when You are watching ookami,You'll eventually feels like watching KwMS. Both of them are giving same heart-warming rom-com vibes which You'll found in most shoujo anime yet it makes You like,no,love it and crave for more because of its own story. >their art is similar,like how Ookami main characters' (Both Male and Female) design resembles the one in KwMS >The characters' trails and the plot are also similar in some ways : ~~~Male MC found out the female MC secret and chose to not exposed it and for return the favor,the male MC chose a way which lead both of them to hang out together (ookami = sadistic   read more
report Recommended by WindAngel959
Both are romantic comedy, with more comedy than roman. Both are shoujo anime. The protagonists of both, have a similar relationship: In both, the male protagonist is tall, blond, and have fun teasing the heroine.
report Recommended by EBG3456
Similar storyline and characters. Both involve the main narration of the female lead and her love interest with a boy from the same school. Both interesting stories, with slightly different approaches.
report Recommended by Zerelada
Both have similiar characters, both have a similiar story except one is keeping work a secret and the other is keeping their pretense a secret. very good characters in both and enjoyable story.
report Recommended by roostapro
-both male lead know a secret about the main female in the show. - both male lead are a bit mischievous and hid how they truly feel.
report Recommended by StarDust-ninja
Both follow a girl MC who is in some way being teased by a popular boy, who holds a secret of some sort, whether it's straight lies, or working at a maid cafe. Through the teasing of the boy, the boy starts to realize their feelings towards the main character. Both are very cute, and some funny bits mixed in.
report Recommended by doge_desu_sugoi
Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji It belongs to the same genus of Kaichou wa Maid-sama!... It's a Shoujo anime. The characters in both animes are similar esthetically and comedy pervades the whole story. Another similar feature is the inner struggle of the protagonists to express their true feelings. Through this internal struggle and recognition of the efforts of both, the characters become able to grow as a person and change their lives and relationships. It's a short anime with big lessons.
report Recommended by ShimazuHajime
I love anime that begins by getting me to hate one character, but then makes me fall in love with the same character. I also love how relationships that begin through blackmail seem so much more possible in anime, than real life. There is so much character development in both shows, and we come to understand what makes the characters act the way they do. We come to realize why they are in the predicaments that they are in.
report Recommended by Otakusnail
Both anime genres are romance and the stories aren't exactly similar but they do have somethings in common. Watch them and you'll understand :P
report Recommended by inlovewithnaruto
Both anime has similar vibe where anti-social protagonist gets in a relationship with polar opposite protagonist. With school rom-com setting
report Recommended by SG1_KATAKURI
School Romance Comedy Heroine is loud and opinionated
report Recommended by vyellaella28
Both animes include a prominent male figure who knows what he wants and what he has to do to get it. The female protagonists are very different in character, but you'll find that the relationship that stems between the two main characters in both shows is quite similar.
report Recommended by phandvan
I have to say, Kyouya reminds me of Usui Takumi
report Recommended by Nareffe_Dragneel
Both the mc keep a secret of herione shoujo type herione hates hero at begging but falls in love eventually
report Recommended by hotshots
I find both Kaichou Wa Maid-sama and Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji very similar. They both have very similar aspects like both anime have a blonde hair male lead and a brown hair female lead. In both anime, the male lead enjoys teasing the female lead.
report Recommended by gcsenpai
Both anime are similar by having a blonde hair male protagonist. In both anime they shared similarities to one another where both the male protagonist teases the female protagonist.
report Recommended by AOtakuXD
- Both are romantic comedies with highschool students - Both have a handsome guy that is loved by every single girl of the school - Both MC have a secret - Both boys knows the MC's secret, which is why they tease them constantly - These guys can be nice, but also "sadistic" sometimes - They also try to help the MC when she's in trouble
report Recommended by andrami