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Deadman Wonderland
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Both are gruesome, horrific and battle driven. Not afraid to push the limits of symbolic television.
report Recommended by Tataku
Revenge is the main theme for both Shingeki no Kyojin and Deadman Wonderland. The main character's peaceful life is turned upside down due to a certain event. In Deadman Wonderland:the brutal massacre of his friends. In Shingeki no Kyojin: his village being attacked. Friends and family killed in front of him. Both series has a dark, and gory tone. Both main character's life changed forever and their is no turning back.
report Recommended by AnimeFan500
Both characters have either their family or friends killed by supernatural beings. Also, in both animes they long for freedom in the outside world.
report Recommended by helenoodle
Both of these include the main character being a boy who has been thrown into a world of chaos and death, and has to make life or death decisions. Very gory anime not for the faint hearted, and fight for what they believe in.
report Recommended by Salamander2170
Both have a similar feel to them, and ask many of the same questions surrounding loss, morality, survival of the fittest and the human condition. They even have relationship parallels in the forms of 'willing to do anything to protect a loved one, despite what/who they are', and mysterious experiments, etc. They'll both linger with you long after you've finished watching/reading them and keep you thinking. Definitely highly recommend both for anyone who's tired of the same hero vs villain stories and want something with a bit more depth.
report Recommended by Yazzeh
Both have male leads with something happening to them that cause others to panic. They both also experience memory loss which is slowly regained throughout the anime. They are both fighting for a cause (Ganta: his slain classmates, Eren: his mother who was devoured by a titan in front of him.) Both are very bloody with an excellent plot.
report Recommended by miniesca
Both are awesome series. The protagonists from both series have similar kind of behavior. In both series, they are trying to achieve something.
report Recommended by Zirrix
If you enjoyed Deadman Wonderland, then you are sure to enjoy Shingeki No Kyojin (Attack On Titan). - detailed and well illustrated actions scenes - first person dolly-style animation angles during battle - much the same story style behind each of the main protagonists - many of the same lighting/facial effects on the characters - gripping storyline in both that will create many attachements and anticipations of the main characters
report Recommended by jaiburrell1
Both main characters do the thumb bite thing and there's lots of blood.
report Recommended by jakerabbit25
Well both animes are resolved around a young boy protagonist, it's both clear they both had amnesia about their superpowers,some of their past, and little by little started remembering things about it. Another thing similar is that they are both are helped to adapt to community by the people that despised him. I really recommend you watch this anime because even if you like "Deadman wonderland" the slightest you really should watch this anime.
report Recommended by Skrunchie
Boy with intense face and messy black hair discovers that he has powers that he can release through injury/blood. Power struggles occurring between different departments of same institution. Also conspiracy. Sudden, extreme violence. Super powered girl saves boy continually.
report Recommended by CrowofEcstasy
Both series' have a dark beginning, both have plenty of gore, both involve trying to escape imprisonment in some way (SnK with the walls, DW with the prison itself), and lastly both have a budding romance between main male and female protagonists that were childhood friends. The main difference lies in the MC's themselves, with Eren being more stubborn and resolute and Ganta being easily frightened and angsty.
report Recommended by Shiza-sennin
similar themes such as helplessness, being trapped, having unnatural powers, fairly gory but not too gory, similar to attack on titan, both fairly short, if you don't like the ending of deadman wonderland read the manga, it is way longer and ends with a huge climax
report Recommended by zakky_matt
Kids fighting for justice. Deadman Wonderland and Attack on Titan both have MCs who have been in a traumatic situation, only to have to use the power that they have in order to get what is right for them. Deadman Wonderland's Ganta has been wrongfully arrested, leading him to try clear his name. AOT has Eren's mother died, leading him to join the survey crops in order to kill the titans. Both are also accompanied by a crazy stong female partner Both are gore-filled action anime with an interesting growth to each MC, from being weak to getting stronger.
report Recommended by NextUniverse
they are both depressing. the animation on both of them is done very well in my opinion. both of them have a rather classic shounen structure in regards to the treatment of the protagonist. also both of them are supernatural. you get a similar feeling from both of them. although i would say attack on titan overall is abit better as the ending to deadman wonderland is just a backhand slap. with that ending a sequal is neccessary but none will come. my only complaint is that one of the episodes makes abolutely no sense.
report Recommended by DavidLeHaremBoss
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