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Rozen Maiden
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Rozen Maiden
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Fate/stay night
Both of these anime revolve around fighting other people and being the last one standing. In fate/stay night, ghosts become servants and fight with there masters. Fate/Stay night has a darker theme to it, with more blood and violence to it.
report Recommended by Politoed
they are similar each other in Fate Stay Night they attended the Holy Grail War and in Rozen Maiden they attended the Alice Game their both the same in genres the similar to it is Comedy and Drama... :D
report Recommended by boyerz
-Both animes are about receiving or meeting a partner (coincidence or not) to fight in a survival game, and aim to defeat the other partnerships to win the game.
-The last one standing is granted a wish and/or physical prize.
report Recommended by MagicFlier
Both anime involve mediums and their familiars. Both involve fighting, though the animation styles and undertones are much different. Both have tsunderes and strong female characters.
report Recommended by Elunah
A war must be fought and only one will stand victorious.
Both Protagonists get involved into a supernatural war, even tough Rozen Maiden follows a war beetween dolls, it might sound a bit ridicolous, but its really entertaining in the end. If u Liked the adventures of Shiro and Saber during the War of the Holy Grail and all the fights beetween the servants of Fate/Stay Night, you will definetly like what Jun and his doll Shinku will go trough
report Recommended by CrazyArty