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Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai
these shows deal with incest. if you liked one, watch the other, you won't regret it senpai both have mature older brothers and cute little sisters. these shows will both make you cry. oreimo is more neorealist while koi kaze draws inspiration from mono no aware and modernist artists. also similar music watch it senpai
report Recommended by lpf
They are both incredible, heart-rending deconstructions of the incest subgenre of anime. They vary in the degrees of deconstruction, as Koi Kaze goes for a premodernist, straightforward approach, while Oreimo is a subtle, neoclassic take on the romance between siblings. Prepare to cry when watching both shows.
report Recommended by deepbluejeer
Ahh, is there anything nicer than true love between true siblings? No, and that's the truth. Both series feature incest as a major theme. It could be argued that the way they tackle this theme is maybe just a little different, but hey let's not get caught up on semantics. Fans of one will certainly find much to like in the other.
report Recommended by NotDolphy
Koi Kaze and OreImo both delve the issue of sibling love. It is one that is a socially rejected concept and at the same time glorified by ethics in anime journalism. If I were to compare the two, it'd be using my expansive knowledge of porn, particularly between two-dimensional characters. There are many doujins involving tags such as, but not limited to, "lolicon", "incest", "schoolgirl". Although they are projected through the same media, the direction of the works can vary, into even the "netorare" tag. Likewise, Koi Kaze and OreImo are both under the same umbrella, yet mechanically different. Koi Kaze is reminiscent for La   read more
report Recommended by Restinya
these anime both about building romantic relationship between a old brother and his sister ( incest ) however ore immoto kawaii.. is funny and more comedy and koi kaze is more drama oriented. i liked them both recommend ore immoto kawaii more
report Recommended by faisal_awesome
Do you enjoy stories about romance between siblings? Do you enjoy stories about tragic yet beautiful love blooming between two very different people? If yes, then you will enjoy Koi Kaze. The story is dramatic and focuses primarily on the relationship between estranged siblings. If you enjoyed the romantic and incest aspect of Oreimo, you will enjoy Koi Kaze.
report Recommended by Lugengeschichte