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Both titles explore the similar lore of human interaction and the border between seeing an android as a living breathing entity or appliance such as a stove or a car. relationships are key in both series as the protagonist have varying views on whether to follow the discrimination against androids, giving them 'real' feelings or simply accepting them as man-made devices for varying uses. Unlike chobits, Eve No Jikan does not hold the same aesthetics's in design, there are more fine lines and deeper colors along with 3D visualization and some computer generated effects. This gives Eve no Jikan a more mature look then chobits   read more
report Recommended by Objecterror
Both animes deal with humanoid robots. While Chobits focuses on both the human's and robot's (Persocon) point of view, Eve no Jikan concentrates more on the human's. However, both animes feature a story regarding the "borders" between humans and robots. If you liked such concept in Chobits, you'll surely have the same reaction in Eve no Jikan, and vice versa.
report Recommended by Tinky-Winky
Both explore the border of similarity between humans and robots
report Recommended by XanthReborn
Androids and humans come together and realize there is much more to robots than just tools and more to humans than just masters. The drama and the setting are the similar, too.
report Recommended by Jeloy
Both animes deal with the human-android/robot/persocom relationship. They both stress the influences and effects of robots, how they are oh so useful and labor-saving. They both also express the taboos of human-robot relationships, whether it be love or friendship. Both are also slice-of-life, though Eve no jikan is more episodic and chobits is more plot-driven.
report Recommended by smakey
- A society of Japan, where the use of androids is of almost common use. - Where those friendly or loving relationships between a human and an android are judged. - A young man discovers that his android could have an independent or inussual behavior, even he comes to think of the feelings of the robots.
report Recommended by OtakuNote87
Both explore the now uoriginal theme "can robots be humans, have feeling and even love?" and "is it okay to love a robot? Both being romances but where Eve no Jikan being more serious and focus more on the society while chobits focus more just on the main character without really digging into the whole robot-human society conflict.
report Recommended by ProfaneValkyrie