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One Outs
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One Outs
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Simply put both anime are about mind games. the main character is some kind of genius who knows how to manipulate his opponents.
report Recommended by Woks
Both animes have a genius badass protagonists which manipulates/toys with the other characters to achieve victory. Although One Outs is about baseball both revolve around gambling, cheating and using strategies.
report Recommended by nicolascarmona
Basically both have a genius main character, who has to manipulate his oponents to win the game. They also involve mind games and gambling with large amounts of money.
report Recommended by Lulawliet
Both anime involves gambling in a way that involve some brain games and taking high risks.
report Recommended by SkyRenderer
Gambling large sums of money, Main character is a brilliant genius, Overly exaggerated reactions, Corruption, That one character who asks the MC questions to help the audience understand what is going on.
report Recommended by Magnolia077
Both about gambling anime
report Recommended by ananasiya