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Gaming worlds with fun rules and creative concepts. '.hack//Sign' brings you a game where characters best each other for personal gain or other benefits. 'Accel World' puts effort into both the character development and exciting match modes for extra flavour. Friendship is an integral part of the series where nothing is impossible if you work as a team.
report Recommended by ShanaFlame
The setting is similar - the characters from both shows interact in a virtual world.
report Recommended by insoo
will .hack and accel world is based on people playing game and moving freely in the 3D dimension.
what you can't really find in .hack is romance which accel world have.
report Recommended by pakin
MMORPG-based anime, futuristic setting, timid main character
report Recommended by Niokun
Hack and Accel world are quite alike with using the game concept, whilt in Hack the character is trapped and accel world it is optional to join and leave they both have their playing cards.

In accel world you are bound by loosing your points in which when happens you loose the application and the ability to play the game, all memory of it and can never install it again so your still grasped around the neck carefully.

Hack is about someone trapped in a game who cannot log off, essentially trapped like in a cage as he searches for a way to   read more
report Recommended by FedeBankai