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[Spoiler Warning] Both animes have similar stories, like the fact that the two main characters start with a friendship, but at the end of the anime declare themselves to each other in a loving relationship. In Chuunibyou, the characters derive their characteristics because of another person, as Rikka, who decided to change her way of being because of Yuuta, the Dark Flame Master. In Toradora, the characters seem to show feelings for friends of their friends at the beginning of the anime. But throughout history, they realize that actually liked each other. If you saw one of these animes, I think you'll like the other I recommended the same   read more
report Recommended by Youndayme
Both animes feature a male and female protagonist that become friends because both are shunned by classmates. They form a tightly-knit group of friends, and they never thought they would like each other. In Chuunibyou Yuuta doesn't consider liking Rikka, and in Toradora Ryuuji and Taiga mutually have feelings for another person. But in both animes the kindness of the boy begins to win the girl over. Both stories are about finding love where you least expect it; heartwarming, cute and funny; both are must sees.
report Recommended by hohos6
The main female character in each is very similar. They're both school setting romances but very different from the standard storyline, both have a significant comedy element but are totally adorable too. Toradorable* :p
report Recommended by wichysteria
A possible harem and an uncontrollable girl whose love is a more "normal" boy. The two series contain romance, and almost like how Taiga is a fierce girl who becomes a little too much to handle at times, Rikka (Chuunibyo Demo Koi ga Shitai!) is and airhead whose 8th Grader Syndrome takes control. They both contain very little drama, and have comedy and romance, but perhaps not quite enough to know it'll be true forever.
report Recommended by theninthtail
The characters and some of the plot progression elements are quite similar. Both shows have two mains with a problem, and one of them is trying to ditch that problem. Also, Nibutani is very, very similar to Ami
report Recommended by swiftjusticee
The plot and characters seem very similar to me, although a totally different story.
report Recommended by Ishtufid
Both have a similar kind of atmosphere and feel. Taiga and Rikka have both detached themselves from the real world in some way and in both it is up to the main character to reintroduce them to it and to basically make them appreciate life. Both follow a similar story arc as well as having a similar style of humor although Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai touched me more with its overall message.
report Recommended by BellieAdellie
Well first off they are both overall insanely great animes. Both series include the protagonists of two young girls that slowly fall in love with a guy that they meet at school which is coincidentally their next door neighbors Lmao. Both dramatic and very fun animes to watch.
report Recommended by Gabe906
Both are really good romances that firstly are only friends ( or dogs in Toradora xD ) but when the history advances they fall in love between each other
report Recommended by aicontepig
So you enjoyed Toradora! but would like to have another quality slice of life/romance anime to watch? Well Chuunibyou should be for you! It's yet another heavily character driven story full of twists and turns which leaves you wanting more. The premise is even more original than the likes of Toradora! and it's just as well paced and easy to follow. You will laugh, you will cry and you will experience a whole other side of the genre. A must watch for fans of Toradora! (just make sure you watch the subbed version as major alterations were made in the dub which arguably ruin the appeal of   read more
report Recommended by Doodclaw
While they both fall into the romance genre, they set aside just as much room for comedy too. It also helps that they are teen rom/coms that take place in high school.
report Recommended by theillusionary
They both have very different reasoning and story behind them but what I see in common is the way the characters grow together throughout the series. Character development is definitely the reason these shows both are my favorites.
report Recommended by Obliterki
Are two good romance anime, both pass in Hight school( i think) and are innocent love of two student.
report Recommended by -Sasaki
Both are romantic comedies that are enjoyable to watch. Both series have running gags (show specific jokes) that make it worthwhile. And finally, both shows explore romance through many characters very well
report Recommended by whimham242
They're almost the same series- very similar characters who have very similar relationships, similar circumstances, and both amazing series! If you liked Toradora! you'll like Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shita!
report Recommended by shweeb
Both animes have similar stories, like the fact that the two main characters start with a friendship, but at the end of the anime declare themselves to each other in a loving relationship. I will highly recommend the other if you loved watching any of these 2.
report Recommended by Hikki_Senpai