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If you watched Clannad you have to watch Toradora. They are very similar story-wise and the characters are sort of similar too. I would say Toradora had more entertainment while maintaining the I-love-her-and-she-loves-me-yet-other-girls-like-him-too sort of atmosphere. Yeah it'll most likely help you get out of the sadden state if you watched Clannad.
report Recommended by choasking990
Both feature similar entertaining romcom styles, though Toradora leans more towards comedy while Clannad (especially AS) has more drama. While Clannad has stronger thematic development and is more poignant overall, if you liked one you will probably like the other.
report Recommended by linnaes
I can't stress how much I loved both these series. Evoking a diversity of emotions (among them, laughs, hearty smiles, tears, and "aww moments" from cuteness), these unforgettable romantic comedies are the archetypes of their genre. If you enjoyed one, you will most definitely enjoy the other (although I was initially hesitant to try Clannad since it is more "drama heavy", Toradora had its tear jerker moments as well). Enjoy! Riotnoob.
report Recommended by riots
Toradora and After Story greatly share the theme of "growing up" in a sense. Clannad After Story goes with the more realistic approach though which highly suits it. Toradora has a more dramatic feel due to certain conflicts presented in the story line. Overall, Toradora's dramatic phazes can be enjoyed if you liked the drama in After Story; the idea works likewise.
report Recommended by Sabeeh
Romance, Problems with one's self, Slice of lifey. All the normal stuff that creates a good show with a welcoming atmosphere. I enjoyed both of these shows almost equally as much and recommend anyone that has watched Clannad and Clannad: After Story to go and watch Toradora! The decision to watch both of these shows is far from regrettable and will leave you with hours of happiness and days of life changing thoughts and feelings.
report Recommended by bonmcrean
If you liked Clannad's amazing character depth and relationship development, than Toradora is a great choice for you. While it can get a bit cheesy at times, Toradora is one of the best romantic character dramas I've ever seen, with characters that serve as the perfect example of 'show don't tell'. Highly recommended to anyone who likes brilliantly complex characters and also enjoys a good old' feels trip.
report Recommended by nykentaro