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Natsume Yuujinchou
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Natsume Yuujinchou
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Violet Evergarden
yes both of them have a different plot and view. but they do have one similarity and that is how they tell us a heart warming story.
report Recommended by Rendhart
Violet Evergarden and Natsume Yuujinchou both follow abused and neglected protagonists, who find their place in a cast of colorful characters and learn to embrace the beauty of the world around them. For Natsume, this is by learning to accept both the human and youkai aspects of his life and cherish them both; for Violet, this is by learning the value of emotions, and the complexities of human relationships. Both are shows about healing, and both follow a sort of "one-shot" structure, where the main plot of each episode isn't always intrinsically related to the other episodes.
report Recommended by moll13
Both series have the formula of tackling a specific character per episode. The magic of both lies in the power of the viewer sympathizing for that character in a mere 22 minutes. Ranges from heart-warming to straight up sadness
report Recommended by Prxyln
Both had the same vibes. Both are "episodic" series. Both MCs have been outcasts in their pasts
report Recommended by clovers618
Tales of pain and sadness told by the others. And by this, over the time, the main character that had undergone their own agonizing past came to see a new perspective of their life, and started to understand their own emotions through those experiences on each its episode.
report Recommended by addictedtoliving
Both of them have main characters that help people out and bring people together. Both of them are tear jerkers.
report Recommended by RayRaivern
both lead is a loner Both lead characters face new person/character each episode and try to help them. Violet help by writing letter, Natsume help by releasing them(spirit).
report Recommended by boyoungsi