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Both aired in Fall of 08 and have similar style comedy. While Kannagi has more ecchi and parody-centric comedy, Toradora is more slice-of-life/romantic comedy. Both animes are made great because of the characters.
report Recommended by Tekky99
Both are fun and lighthearted. Multiple girls sort of interested in one dorky guy
report Recommended by asedfek
Kannagi and Toradora! have similar scenes and action. Also in both are comparable characters: Nagi - Taiga, Jin - Ryuuji, Zange - Ami.
report Recommended by Shifu
In both animes a girl and boy live together in the same house, and both girls act tough. Also, in both animes there is a kinda mean girl character that tries to win the boy's heart infront of the girl he lives with. Both cute and funny animes ^O^
report Recommended by TsuruyaSonozaki
Both good anime with good main characters, funny story. (nagi represents aisaka) and (jin represents ryujo)...... well, if you enjoyed kannagi... im sure you'll enjoy toradora also :)
report Recommended by ken127
First of all, I found the characters designs extremely similar. Then the main characters resemble each other. Taiga as Nagi are strong female characters but can become weak and Emo if something intense happens. Jin - Ryuuji on the other hand are caring and helpful male leads that have characteristics, which usually belong to female characters. Furthermore if we ignore the exact scenario, the core characterization of both stories are romantic slice of life comedies.
report Recommended by phgmalion
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