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Both have a feeling of distance, not explaining much to the viewer and having a rather slow start. Haibane is more religous in a philosophical sense and has a dark under tone. Characters are well written in the animes and feel like real persons.
report Recommended by Zerath
Both shows are based around a group of characters that are living in a seemingly utopia, which have rules that should not be questioned. One common rule is that their stay is limited within some kind of a barrier/wall. They are shown to have some privilege compared to other groups in both series. As they enjoy their utopia they both have an atmosphere of a mystery and that something is missing. The main characters of both shows show less fear to find out what is actually going on, and try to unfold the mystery. If you liked one show, it is very likely that you   read more
report Recommended by MaridiuS
Both shows are characterized by their inexplicable mystique, philosophical nature and simple but masterful style of art. As each show progresses, the plot thickens and more questions need answering - the difference between the two? Shinsekai Yori answers said questions in full, while Haibane Renmei leaves everything to the viewer's interpretation. Both are modern masterpieces, and require a certain type of viewer to fully appreciate them. Not recommended for those who dislike slow starts.
report Recommended by TeNDeez
Evoking awe, wonder, and suspense, Haibane and Shinsekai share similar atmosphere: mysterious, beautiful, often tranquil (especially in Haibane) but vaguely ominous. Neither has a setting too willing to reveal its secrets. Both are set in a society of "anachronistic" technology, arcane rules, and enigmatic authority. And both carry a sense of foreboding fueled by the sudden disappearances of characters. While both carry philosophical underpinnings, Haibane tends to focus more on a personal level in contrast to Shinsekai's social commentary. Shinsekai also tends to be more action-driven and a bit darker in tone.
report Recommended by LakesidePhantom
In both series the main protagonists are born with "special abilities" or a different appereance without knowing why they are so different from the others. The female MC's of these series shows their struggling with their life, which they didn't choose.
report Recommended by Lyev
Both are unsettling and explore world markedly different from our own. Although significant plot elements differ, the tone of the two stories is fairly similar.
report Recommended by loveoflox
A very similar feeling of mystery behind the respective worlds of both shows. Keep in mind though, Haibane Renmei does not provide nearly as many answers as Shinsekai Yori does.
report Recommended by PearlCipher10