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For the first episode, I get this vibe from the MC Appare the same brain power we have with Senku from Dr. Stone but with Machines. He's a very skillfull and smart person when it comes to machines. Creating his own machine from scratch. If you love the character of Senku from Dr. Stone or the anime itself, you might wanna try this one too and it's very good
report Recommended by lanzel-senpai
A main character that is enamored with technology, the same passion as Senku is with science. Each is also surrounded by a cast of colorful and memorable characters
report Recommended by heckyeahbirds
the same relationship between a super genius geek and an all brawn average Joe sidekick . It also involves the duo's goal that they have do do in such strange place that they're in.
report Recommended by JiangHaoyi1979
The protagonists are basically the same character, but in a different scenario. While Dr. Stone focuses more on "science" (an umbrella term to justify Senku being able to do literally anything from scratch), Appare-Ranman focuses on the development of his MC through his experience with his first real friends and also his rivals, and how they change him from your by-the-books anime smartass to a genuinely well developed character who learns how to be more human through experience. Finally, Appare's cast of colorful characters is miles better than Dr. Stone's.
report Recommended by PhantomTom
Similarities: 1. It involve a relationship between a super genius guy and a guy with all brawn but no brains kind of thing. 2. Both have the same setting where they found themselves in some distant place where they both have to find a way to survive. 3. Both have a 5th wheel who is with them. 4. Both have to face adversities that would get in their way. Dissimilarities : 1. One was set in some rebooted stone age era, while the other was set at the end of the 19th century, 2. One has a young guy to older guy partnership while the   read more
report Recommended by Horn_dawg_2019
They have a set goal and will achieve that set goal. Protagonists Senku and Appare both have the same personality in that their genius and rational mindsets control their actions towards a dead set goal they have. Great scientist Senku is stuck in the world of the future where humanity has gone back to zero after being turned into stone. Great engineer Appare wishes to travel beyond the moon but instead, ends up going to America. Starting with little to nothing, both characters work their way up to the dreams they had before they got into this mess. Both characters also have the same personality, they   read more
report Recommended by NextUniverse
If you liked Dr. Stone, you must not miss Appare Ranman! has an identical duo a brain Senkuu Ishigami - Dr. Stone Appare Sorano - Appare Ranman! a muscle Taiju Ooki - Dr. Stone Kosame Isshiki - Appare Ranman the plot unfolds differently but has its resemblance
report Recommended by EnderVsqz626
Appare Ranman is about an odd-ball kid who loves science, engineering and mechanics and strives to learn as much as he can. If you loved the science aspects of Dr. Stone you'll love this show too. Add that to a car racing quest storyline and you've got an interesting and colourful premise that so far has delivered.
report Recommended by bokchoybastard
Both protagonist's have similar personalities and are obsessed with advancing forward by using their science and/or engineering knowledge.
report Recommended by AwokenStroken
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