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They talked about people who lived in the future when they aren’t people except them they also talked how to rebuild the earth and human civilization
report Recommended by randfu
The end of the world. The need to survive -without the fanatism about science- the genre without comedia it's basically the same.
report Recommended by Peixefaca
In both the World popularity gets reduced to 0 but a few people have to build up a new population on the planet so the humanity can live on
report Recommended by peodsgns
It takes place in the future when a few people from the past who survived try to rebuild civilization.
report Recommended by Carlyhild98
both start life in a world where nothing from the past earth civilization is left and they start building things on their own while in dr stone main focus is on how the protagonist wants to restore earth civilization ,in 7 seeds main focus is on survival.
report Recommended by Shrish08
in both anime they start life in a world where nothing from their past era earth civilization is left so in order to survive they have to make their own civilization. - both are sci-fic - Adventure
report Recommended by Afrowny95
Both are very similar where they take place in post-apocalyptic earth and have to restart civilization.
report Recommended by MasterBuck325
If you like Dr. Stone, I am sure you will enjoy 7 seeds too, since both are about surviving in the wild and an unknown for humanity world
report Recommended by HimeiMidori
Both anime feature the cast being the last survivors of an apocalypse, with them pretty much being the last survivors. They both are forced to start essentially from square one, with some pretty emotional stories about those who weren’t able to make it. Ps If you love cavemen, you shouldn’t hold back on giving this anime a watch.
report Recommended by Mo168
Both good. Dr.Stone more light hearted however both are survival anime after apocalypses like sort of events
report Recommended by JeMaY_2004
It’s time to ditch the text file.
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