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Both shows contain two male partners who have to use their unique psychic powers to control others in some way. Pet is more crime-focused and the story is more closely based around the main cast while Shiguang Dailiren is a bit more wholesome and less-focused on the main characters imo. Both shows have these genres: supernatural, psychological, mystery, drama
report Recommended by cheru41
-Partner-like relationship of the main characters with supernatural powers - in Link Click it's going back to the past, while pet has jumping into minds of people. -Overall atmosphere of mystery/uncertainty
report Recommended by Para_box
The duo protagonists in Link Click are able to take control of a person body/mind and change theirs past via photo whereas Pet protagonists infiltrate the minds of people and alter their memories Genres: Mystery, Supernatural
report Recommended by Moon_Sham
There is a similar vibe of "partners" mixed in with sci-fi and/or fantasy elements. There is so a shared BL aspect in both shows :)
report Recommended by demision
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