Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou, Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi Recommendations

Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou
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Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou
Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi
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Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi
Lowlife main character gets betrayed by his comrades, becomes overpowered, and turns on his former teammates. Arifureta puts the focus on building a harem and adventuring. Redo of Healer is much darker and keeps focusing on the revenge story.
report Recommended by Angelerator
both characters get betrayed both characters do what they want both characters have girls that love him no matter what both characters are reckless and ruthless
report Recommended by Neoman75
MC experienced extreme hell, torture, and abuse. The pain and agony change their perspective. Harem and a lot of nudity are present. Not advisable for young audiences.
report Recommended by YurioNeko
- both mc's get betrayed by the people they once called allies - both mc's have skills that make them op - both mc's have a party of only women - fantasy theme - action/adventure theme - fanservice
report Recommended by mason_black
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