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Both have Gorey action, teamwork of male and female Cooking, lot of cooking in both shows and some comedy, Both have mystery themes finding out more and more as you go along Both even a have character called nikkaido
report Recommended by The0penBook
Lighthearted cooking anime! Kinda. Dorohedoro and Golden Kamuy both weave sidesplitting comedy and disturbingly gory violence together naturally, creating a combination that's incredibly entertaining to watch. These are both anime where you'll end up loving and rooting for every single character despite some less than savory behavior, while also getting really invested in the worlds they occupy. Golden Kamuy nails the historical setting, while Dorohedoro impresses with a super-creative fantasy.
report Recommended by Turnch
Although I personally prefer Golden Kamuy to Dorohedoro, I believe that both share good similarities. - Both works mix a universe full of violence, games of interests and dark stories with comedy. Their sense of humor is also similar. - Both Golden Kamuy and Dorohedoro have a large number of passages expanding the culture of their universes. In the case of Golden Kamuy, these dialogues are also historical and educational, as they deal with Ainu culture, the Russo-Japanese war, independence movements and Japanese and Russian societies during the Meiji era. In Dorohedoro, they are more about Worldbuilding, as they explain more about magic, contracts and the Hole   read more
report Recommended by Marander
These two series are so wildly different but incredibly similar at the same time. Golden Kamuy is a historical piece set in 19th century Japan, while Dorohedoro is a post-apocalyptic dark fantasy, but they have a lot in common. Both series follow an incredibly likable male-female duo with amazing chemistry (3 of them for Dorohedoro, in fact), and have great battle sequences that are amazingly dark and gory and feel like a perfect mix of ridiculous rule of cool and grounded combat. Every character is booming with personality, making it hard to dislike any of them, even the supposed "villains", and both series have a   read more
report Recommended by PhantomTom
- cooking show in the guise of a seinen action series - wacky, oddly funny cast of characters - plenty of gore and fights
report Recommended by SurplusSugar
There are many weird and interesting characters in both. Also, there is nobody you could call the "bad guy"(although you will probably root for the protagonists). There are a couple of different groups and each of the groups has a different goal
report Recommended by Rokudo30
So Dorohedoro can be quite similiar in its tone if that‘s what you felt was appealing about Golden Kamuy and vice versa. It‘s mature in the way it tells its story and is weird in its humor. There are unique characters in both shows and the MCs as well as the villians are all likeable. Both shows handle storytelling very clever and really suck you into their world through nice layouts in regards to world building. The most important thing tho, both anime have dark, grim tones.
report Recommended by new_Ango
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