Koi to Uso, Domestic na Kanojo Recommendations

Koi to Uso
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Koi to Uso
Domestic na Kanojo
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Domestic na Kanojo
Both adult theme related, talking about relationship hardships and more real world scenarios than other anime out there; in my opinion koi to uso being the better of the two
report Recommended by innich
Both are about complex situations like where someone loves someone, who loves someone else, who loves the first person or that kind of business.
report Recommended by ROTRUY
gotta love the spice
report Recommended by icydc
Both shows are dramas with confusing but exciting love triangles. They both start with a teenage boy that has had a crush on a certain girl for months, but due to their situations they knew it was almost impossible for them to ever become a couple. Later big things would happen that would cause both boys to chose between their childhood crush and a girl they had just met. Of course there are many differences and they both have their own plots with BIG twists but I think if you liked Domestic na Kanojo you will really like Koi to Uso.
report Recommended by rocklee_z
Both have love triangles. Both have mc with darkish hair and already in love with one girl. In both shows, the two girls/love rivals have a close relationship. In both the anime, mc is very passionate about something. The mc has a special bond with girl he is not in love with in both the shows.
report Recommended by OtakuCakes
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