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While the Made in Abyss has a fairly different type of plot it is another fantastic world building anime which I would highly suggest for anyone with an innate curiosity. While Magnus Bride presents a new world in the form of magic and magical creatures, Made in Abyss presents a new world in the form of a giant hole/cave in the ground which presents its own set of environments and creatures.
report Recommended by Zmaier
_ They are both settled in a well-constructed and intriguing fantasy world, with strange creatures and phenomens _ They have both the theme of what is human and what isn't _ They have have both a gorgeus art _ They have both a fantastic soundtrack
report Recommended by _gaze
Amazing world building, beautiful environmental art and soundtrack sucks you into both shows and while they are entirely different from each other in terms of the plot and story there are some similar themes such as things that are not humans and strange creatures that makes up the fantasy world of respective shows. Mahoutsukai is more magical and Made in Abyss focuses on exploration and adventure.
report Recommended by fyuuki_
If you liked Mahoutsukai no Yome for the fantasy world that it has, Made in Abyss also has a good and original fantasy world so I know you would like it
report Recommended by Giann33
-Both are dark, supernatural shows -Both MCs lack a parent figure in their life (orphan-ish) Although this series is darker than The Ancient Magus' Bride in terms of atmosphere and story, the supernatural elements give the shows a similar feeling.
report Recommended by Wolf_Is_Confused
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