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Be it about one sided love or trying to fit a role that you feel is expected from you, Kuzu no Honkai and Yagate Kimi ni naru touch very similar themes. It is very hard not to compare the relation Yuu and Touko hold to the one Hanabi and Sanae have. The tone takes a lot of similarity as well in the way both anime are told from the point of view of a female main character who is struggling with understanding love and her own feeling. Their internal monologues are filled with sadness of how lost they are and how different from the   read more
report Recommended by Woks
Both are Romance anime's with big twists that make them feel more realistic than most other anime in the genre and really pull at the heart strings
report Recommended by Whatrulokinat
Both are about the complexities and difficulties of love and just of being human. Developed, well-rounded characters.
report Recommended by TaliaMatsuo
Both are SOL romance-drama with a more realistic tone than some other romances. Both topic is the question what love even is and the complexity of it. Also, Scum's Wish has a lesbian, very realistic character as well. Both anime have characters with a twisted mindset or way of thinking. Both have beautiful color sets.
report Recommended by Maneki-Mew
They both deal with the complexity of love maturely. They stand out as romantic dramas and are both very good, with characters who feel human and relationships that aren't superficial. Definitely recommend both.
report Recommended by Noradora
I found myself while watching both of these shows referring back to each of them. I would think, didn't the main girl do this, but found that I was actually thinking of the other show.
report Recommended by Holacaust
in both animes theres the concept of 'if you fall in love we cant be together', the relationship between yuu and nanami is similar to hanabi's and sanae's in scums wish and both show the complexities of a lesbian relationship and a one sided relationship. if your a person who is into the idea that love is a complex thing u will definately enjoy kuzu no honkai more or less than u did with yagate kimi ni naru
report Recommended by wangopo