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The two anime could basically be interchanged for one another, they really are That similar lol.

Both stories have highschool students who fight using a magical weapon that syncs with them, in Hundred's case they're used to battle monsters, where in GakuToshi they're used to battle each other in competitions called Festas.

The main protagonist of both series is a dark haired guy in a harem situation with various girls, and both have the classic subtypes of girl in one shape or form;
- the pink haired girl with all-around good qualities who can almost be seen as the female protagonist
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report Recommended by Tropicocity
Very very very similar. The protagonist is basically the best in the academy and he gets in a fight with one of the strongest female students on campus literally the first day. Also the male protagonists have a strong connection with their sisters and a dark past to boot. I mean their names rhyme - Ayato and Hayato. Very harem filled with enough shounen action to keep somewhat of an interest.
report Recommended by Natalie4ever
- almost no considerable story
- both find harem, ecchi moments and fan-service to be more important
- overpowered MC
- stereotypical characters
report Recommended by Illumin4tive
Both have the same harem , action, sword-fight, and guy who happens to accidentally see girl in ....let's just say in an uncomfortable situation, however in Asterisk the girl went wild and challenged the guy to a duel, while in Hundred the girl is with the guy, the funny part, is in Asterisk the guy is your usual harem guy, while in hundred is a usual harem guy...but a little bit stupid for not noticing his room mate is a cross dressing girl
report Recommended by Whoahoho