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Large, fearsome monsters regularly appear to destroy the world, only for a group of teenagers to fight back. Since NGE came first, most of Freezing’s story can be thought of as an imitation or tribute. Freezing’s Nova appear like NGE’s Angels, coming in numbered waves (Eighth Nova Clash vs. The 13th Angel). While NGE’s Angels take on different forms, the ones in Freezing generally look about the same as robotic figures, however, with each wave, they introduce new attacks. The Freezing field is similar to that of the AT field in NGE where it has to be penetrated or overridden in order to get in   read more
report Recommended by Angus
Both have beings from another dimension bent on destruction that only a select group of students can defeat. The main characters also have deep seated flaws which must be overcome for them to reach their full potential. Also unlike other anime, things don't always run smoothly in both of these very good anime.
report Recommended by Malcavic
Have almost same concept of Nova/Pandora with Angel/Eva. It's like Freezing is a poor rip-off of NGE (only the Nova thing).
report Recommended by Xindarth
Lettuce be cereal, the "Novas" are a 1-1 copy of Angels/EVAs with the aesthetics of RahXephon Dolems. In addition, episode 10 pretty much confirms the similarities between the series Freezing and NGE.
report Recommended by Girlxoxoxoxo
-both of these have a mysterious enemy
- both oh them have a special persons who can fight against enemy
report Recommended by SOUUMA
In essence, Freezing is a copy of Evangelion, but instead of thought provoking, Freezing is more focused on action and fan-service, while trying to make a plot at the same time (or just copy plot elements and ideas from Evangelion). Season 2 of Freezing also describes a lot of similarities between the shows as well.
report Recommended by Cornyme