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Both are in essence intellectual series, exploring the main character's existential conflicts in interesting ways and generally providing an entertaining experience.
report Recommended by shirai
Both have a post apocalyptic feel, And the struggle for humanity to survive given the circumstances. In Neon Genesis their are 'Angels' which force humanity to fight, Whereas in Ergo Proxy their are "Proxies' which are very mysterious much like that of the Angels. Overall both of them are very mind bending as a series, you also see the protagonists go through psychological fights regarding their past,present and future. A definate must see.
report Recommended by Vi7riol
Both stories occur in some post-apocalyptic future where mysterious events occur due to their actions. Both also have mind-bending mysteries.
report Recommended by nakedpantsu
Same post-apocalyptic concept, just everything is in a much smaller scale in terms of setup, characters, and story. Both series stress on character emotions and questions of morals, focusing more on the psychological developments rather than action, yet it is all laid out in a very advanced science fiction background. You also have the god-like rulers who debate amongst each other in monotone voices without significant physical features. The stories are paced the same, really the key difference is that the focus is not on children and many of the similar extreme questions and psychological challenges are presented in a much subdued and more subtle   read more
report Recommended by my69427ZL1
Closer to ending, more similarities. Existential and psychologic background , nonoptimistic vision of future and a whole mass of symbols and refferences that gives spectator many ways of interpetation.
report Recommended by Rychu_lubicz
Both are intellegent stories of post-apocalyptic worlds. They both have complex plots and share a psychological thriller appeal.
report Recommended by NeverKnowsBest26
Both animes are very psychological and philosophical. They also make many references to religion, God, and other important people and events. Both occur in a post-apocalyptic future. Both will let you think about what's going on. They also explore very good each character.
report Recommended by Meados
Both are futuristic psychological thrillers in which the watcher delves into the mindset of the main character and those around him. They both also tackle issues such as morality and God. Both are a good watch and take time to fully appreciate.
report Recommended by Malcavic
Like many of the other reviews have already stated here, they both take place near end of the world situations and have phycological ideas. They make the characters question their meanings in life
report Recommended by bluestar17
Shows that have main characters turning into monsters (synchronizing with the monsters in NGE) that they can only partially take control of. Furthermore, both shows heavily focus on dimentia due to unstable minds of the protagonists.
report Recommended by bunny1ov3r
Ergo Proxy is similar to NGE because of its atmosphere and mature way of presenting its themes. Both satisfy my need for something to be pretentious with and feature a lot of stuff to look deeper into.
report Recommended by Bergulum
Both shows externalize what is going on inside the main character's heads. Ergo Proxy at times feels like it was trying to be just as like Evangelion on purpose, with plot twists and a surprise ending that is only slightly less confusing. But there are also substantial differences: over all, the story is more upbeat, a story of a new world being born out of the end of an old one, rather than a simple cessation of all things.
report Recommended by rmremail
Though handled differently, both anime question existence. The main characters ask, "What am I here for?" Both anime also are more heavily intricate underneath their basic premesis, and require full attention in order to understand the bigger picture. Answers are not handed out on silver platters, and that's what makes these titles so great and similar.
report Recommended by seasonsrevive