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Shinseiki Evangelion
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both have mecha both are deep in different ways and surpass the standard mecha anime
report Recommended by foreverzerov1
The most obvious common theme between the two is the use of mecha. The two anime have the exact same type of design for their mechas. Both really just have the same feel in terms of themes, too.
report Recommended by Zeldastrife
Code Geass and Neon Genesis Evangelion are both high quality, riveting, mecha anime. Both series deal with politics, warfare, and psychology. They both discuss subjects such as human nature, the meaning of life and happiness, and sorrow and insanity. Both anime have fantastic soundtracks, great voice acting, and beautiful, sharp artwork. Both anime also contain much symbolism, some drawing its roots from religious symbols (although this is much more prevalent in Evangelion). Both of these anime have very memorable characters and great development. *Both are highly recommended.
report Recommended by Katsuki_Shizenno
First off. There's a lot to what makes Evangelion and Code Geass similar. 1. Obviously both series have Mechas and are piloted. 2. Shinji and Lelouch are protagonists with psychological and emotional conflict. Both have daddy issues and are haunted by dark pasts and have ideals. 3. Rei and C.C. Emotionless girls with serious importance to the story. 4. Kallen and Asuka. Both hot headed girls with troubled pasts. 5. Enemies and organizations like SEELE, Britannia, Nerv, Black Knights etc. 6. Sci-fi elements like Angels, Geass, Eva's, Knightmares. 7. Similar themes. Topics about human nature, what's right and wrong. Some symbolic scenes, Justice, psychological topics, secrets and conspiracy. In conclusion. Both are a   read more
report Recommended by Ouji_Kurai
It's related do to the fact that each character running a different robot has a meaning and only certain people can use such robots and they are working for an organization to stop them.
report Recommended by Yetenekli
What can i say about these anime! Epic plot, amazing characters, memorable moments... Masterpieces that everyone should see. Mecha, action, drama,...
report Recommended by SaXXoR
They both have Giant Fighting Robots and hot girls.
report Recommended by moonkingdomify
Both are a coming-of-age story following the development of a central male character; a battle to save humanity/society from a menacing group of marauding giant monsters
report Recommended by ykomada
The deconstruction genre is present in allot of anime for primarily short periods of time. Code Geass has allot of elements and feelings that represent Evangelion in a few ways. Although, the protagonist differ from one another, both Evangelion and Code Geass come very close in the long term for just general deconstruction in the anime's themselves.
report Recommended by C4Edgez
Both of these shows are excellent psychological animes. The mechas in both are insanely epic. One other similarity I found is that both have the monumental choice of accepting or rejecting God
report Recommended by Qpeirndndbwuei
Apart from the obvious mech aspect, they're both highly intelligent animes that are full of mystery, often doing things you didn't expect. They both have a very 'grand' nature to them, slowly moving up from a small contained world story into something that blows all proportions out of the water. Both being a ride from start to finish, they both seem to have a very well thought out story structure, as well as the occasional comedic episode to keep things balanced.
report Recommended by RadioactiveBirds
While both my seem to be a mech show on the surface about a teen both have many philosophy’s behind them and show much more depth than you think of a typical mech show as both have very psychological themes between one another. That being said both shows are brilliantly done well and are very enjoyable to watch and both have very good cast of characters and drama to go with one another and both shows have great action scenes that complement each other well.
report Recommended by GarfieldKart
BIG GIANT ROBOTS, with a side dish of politics and deep characters. Code Geass and Evangelion are staples in mecha. Two series are known to all for various reasons as the aforementioned but presented in a way that is immortalised as timeless masterpieces. He who was weak must take up the powers bestowed upon them to fight against the enemy of the state, the enemy of the world, the enemy of humanity. It was he who was weak to take an unforgettable journey with multiple characters, uncovering secrets, witnessing truth, and taking action against evil. All, of course, do so with very big and giant robots. Both   read more
report Recommended by NextUniverse
The series are both brilliant and depressed.
report Recommended by MJDawg
both are mecha animes but not driven by it ... there main element is their story which makes you watch them till the end .. mcs are different but unique....
report Recommended by user2025
In both series, angst-ridden, psychologically damaged teens pilot mecha in raging, high-stakes battles. The protagonists of both series are introduced sometime following a major catastrophic event that has left Japan in a ruinous state. Eva and Geass both blur the line between sci-fi and paranormal/supernatural in various ways. Spiritual/occult imagery is featured in both series, although more overtly and prominently in Eva. The "collective consciousness," a term coined by psychoanalyst Carl Jung, is used in Geass; many allusions to psychoanalysis appear in Eva. Both NERV in Eva and the Britannian Empire in Geass are led by the estranged, callous father of the protagonist, and both harbor an ultimate,   read more
report Recommended by desolateseraph
Evangelion will change your life.
report Recommended by EVANGELIONIST
It’s time to ditch the text file.
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